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Tipping is the norm in Russia. Waiters and porters will all expect a tip, and cloakroom and restroom attendants will appreciate them. A tour guide may be given a tip by the group as a whole after an excursion, although depending on the situation, it may be more appropriate to give a small souvenir. Whether you should tip the bartender depends on the establishment, but it's not the norm. Add an extra 10% to 15% to a restaurant bill. If you have negotiated a taxi fare ahead of time, there’s no need to tip on top of that payment. Some restaurants add a service charge to the bill automatically, so double-check before you leave a big tip. If you're paying by credit card, leave the tip in cash—the waiter is less likely to see it if you add it to the credit-card charge. Moreover, some restaurants actively refuse to allow tips being added on to the bill by credit card. The only places with bellhops who carry your bags are Moscow and St. Petersburg's five-star hotels; in such establishments, a 100R tip—more if you have many heavy bags—is a decent thank-you.


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