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Motorcycle Travel

With its super-narrow roads and alleyways, a fantastic way to tool around Tokyo is with a scooter, while the rest of the country—with its rolling hills, mountains, and shoreline—is also a pleasure to see via motorcycle. There are many bikers in Japan, so highways, rest stops, and campgrounds are all equipped to handle whatever bike you choose to tour with. Japan Bike Rentals is run by a gaijin (foreigner) so you can drop your dictionaries and do all the paperwork in English—and online. All riders need a passport, a valid unrestricted motorcycle license from their own country, and an International Driving Permit. Japan Bike Rentals is open seven days a week, but you need to make your booking online first, whether to rent a bike, rent a GPS for a self-guided tour, or join a guided tour. It's closed in January and February. Rental819 has a number of branches in Tokyo featuring Harley-Davidson, Ducati, and Triumph motorcycles.


Japan Bike Rentals. 03/3584–5185;

Rental819. 0120/819–147;


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