Plaza del Mercado


Plaza del Mercado

Though mostly overlooked by tourists, La Placita, as known by locals, is one of the most charming corners of San Juan. At its center is a market hall dating from 1910. Inside you'll find bushels of fruits and vegetables, many of which you probably haven't seen before such as guanábana and caimito. Many chefs from the top city restaurants come here to find their produce. If all this food makes you hungry, dozens of storefront restaurants and bars face the central square. These places, mostly serving seafood, are quiet during the week but bustling on the weekends, especially in the evening. The area also has many botánicas, small shops that sell herbs, candles, and religious items. There may even be an in-house card or palm reader ready to show you your future. The square is between the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico, making it a good place to stop for lunch if you are museum hopping.


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