Real Peru

06/01/2022 through 12/08/2023
06/01/2022 through 12/11/2023
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Real Peru

Get the good times rolling in Lima before taking to the Amazon for some jungle action. Animals to avoid: poison dart frogs, piranhas, anacondas, jaguars, vipers, caimans, tarantulas. We could go on but we’re starting to freak ourselves out. Quick, everybody think about sloths. Leave the Amazon in your wake and head to Cusco for a pisco sour before hitting the Inca trail and taking in Machu Picchu. Soak your weary bones in Lake Titicaca before heading back to Lima for your last fill of delicious treats. 


  • Lima – Leader Led orientation walk of Miraflores
  • Amazon Jungle – Activities at the lodge
  • Cusco – Orientation Walk
  • Sacred Valley – Community visit & lunch
  • Machu Picchu – Guided tour
  • Lake Titicaca – Boat tour & Homestay


  • Plenty of free time in Lima means you can stuff your face with delish grub all day long. The foodie capital of Peru serves up some especially tasty ceviche. Nom nom nom
  • Roam the Amazon jungle at night while pretending you’re David Attenborough. Float down the river, keeping an out for the glaring eyes of jaguars and caimans.
  • Whether you trek the classic Inca Trail, the Quarry Trail or take the scenic train route, trust us, this is going to be one of the highlights of your awesome lives
  • Don’t worry, we won’t hog all of your time. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to bounce around Cusco, digging deep into the pockets of Incan history
  • Spend the night under the stars in a traditional village among the floating islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca


Day 1 Lima
Day 2-3 Puerto Maldonado (Amazon Jungle lodge)
Day 4 Cusco
Day 5 Sacred Valley / Ollantaytambo
Day 6 Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train Option
Day 7 Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train Option
Day 8 Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train Option
Day 9 Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train Option and Machu Picchu
Day 10 Cusco
Day 11 Puno
Day 12 Lake Titicaca (Homestay)
Day 13 Puno
Day 14 Lima
Day 15 Lima

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