Central Barbados

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On the central west coast, in St. James Parish, Holetown marks the center of the Platinum Coast—so called for the vast number of luxurious resorts and mansions that face the sea. Holetown is also where Captain John Powell and the crew of the British ship Olive Blossom landed on May 14, 1625, to claim the island for King James I (who had actually died of a stroke seven weeks earlier). On the central east coast, the crashing Atlantic surf has eroded the shoreline, forming steep cliffs and exposing prehistoric rocks that look like giant mushrooms. Bathsheba and Cattlewash are favorite seacoast destinations for local folks on weekends and holidays. In the interior, narrow roads weave through tiny villages and along and between the ridges. The landscape is covered with tropical vegetation and rife with fascinating caves and gullies.


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Chalky Mount

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Flower Forest

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